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Planning Your Evaluation

Your evaluation is only as good as the planning you do at the beginning. Planning your evaluation will help you get valid data in order to strengthen your program, ensure accountability to your stakeholders and demonstrate that your program made a difference. The tools in this section are designed to guide you in developing an evaluation plan for tracking and assessing your financial literacy program.

Hiring an Evaluator

  • Provides practical tips, guidelines and things to consider when preparing to hire an external evaluator.

Evaluation Planning Worksheets and Templates 

  • Walks you through a step-by-step evaluation planning process, helping to clarify the purpose, scope and logistics of your evaluation. Includes planning worksheets and templates for an evaluation matrix, a workplan and a budget.

Sample - Evaluation Plan for one-to-one financial literacy coaching program

  • Shows how the Evaluation Planning Worksheets and Templates can be used to create a plan for evaluating a one-to-one financial literacy coaching program.

Sample Logic Model

  • Provides a sample logic model for a simple financial literacy program.