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29 November 2021
The overnight creation and rapid rollout of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) at the outset of the pandemic has been one of the great unalloyed successes of this federal government. Not because CERB was perfect, but because it was a swift and effective response to an urgent and widespread need, it kept our economy afloat, and it showed that when the government sai...
26 November 2021
Credit Canada Debt Solutions shares four bite size financial tips to help Canadians take control of their finances. Use these tips to support your clients as they build their financial resilience.   Be aware of "Feelings" attached to spending behaviours: Review your good money behaviours & actions so you can build upon them. Let them be the foundation to...
17 November 2021
Canadian Debtors Association calls on Canada’s Credit System to examine and improve its own financial literacy to help Canadians - Systemic flaws fail to provide accurate information about the credit status of consumers November is Financial Literacy Month and it’s time for Canada’s Credit industry to take a hard look at its own financial literacy, particu...


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26 November 2021
Author: Wendy Abbott-Serroul
Carla Macias, an Ecuadorian who came to Canada in 2007, shares her journey of integrating into a new country, outlining the ups and downs of facing a world where not only learning a new language is key to success but financial literacy proves equally important. Carla articulates just how instrumental the Jane/Finch Centre was to helping her embark on a path to ensure financi...

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