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Financial Literacy Evaluation Toolkit

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There is an increasing demand for reliable ways to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of financial literacy programs. Our Financial Literacy Evaluation Resource Kit provides resources and tested tools, along with information about their administration and use.

The purpose of the toolkit is to:

  • enhance your organization’s ability to monitor and improve financial literacy initiatives
  • build a pan-Canadian foundation for sharing learning and outcomes.

These evaluation tools are intended for managers and practitioners who deliver financial literacy programs. They can be adapted for different contexts.

Our evaluation tools allow you to gather:

  • demographic data
  • participant satisfaction levels
  • comparable “pre- and post-” data on habits, knowledge, skills and attitudes related to financial literacy.

You can organize your demographic and pre-/post- assessment data into statistical numbers or percentages with the Microsoft Excel file provided, and create a presentation dashboard of charts and graphics to report  your findings.

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