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Analyzing Your Data

In order to strengthen your program, ensure accountability to your stakeholders and demonstrate results you will need to clearly communicate your findings. This section provides tools that aggregate your data and create easy-to-understand presentation dashboards of charts and graphics that you can use to report your findings.

Personal Financial Literacy Quiz*

  • Designed to measure individual financial literacy at any point before, during or after a course to track changes in participants’ financial habits, knowledge and attitudes and benchmark these against the national average.
When to use it: 
  • When you are interested in doing longer-term research into outcomes, comparing the progress of participants within your program and benchmarking your participants against the knowledge of Canadians in general.

* Also in the 'Tracking Outcomes' section.

Data Analysis Excel File

  • Designed to record and analyze quantitative participant data collected from the Intake Registration, Demographics and pre-assessment, and Exit and post-assessment forms.
When to use it: 
  • When you want to analyze and report on your program evaluation using data entry interface, datasheets, statistical reports and dashboard reports.