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How We Work

Prosper Canada’s Financial Empowerment approach is based on an integrated set of interventions proven to measurably improve financial inclusion, opportunities, behaviour and outcomes for people living in poverty.
To make these solutions both widely available and sustainable, we don’t create new standalone programs. Instead, we work with governments, businesses, and community organizations to build these interventions into the services they already deliver in ways that:
  • Are sustainable
  • Help them achieve their organizational goals
  • Tangibly increase the financial well-being of the low-income people they serve.
We do this by:
Providing  ‘backbone’ services for Canada’s financial empowerment field
  • Fostering shared vision and strategies
  • Working with stakeholders to align activities and resources for greater impact
  • Supporting the development of common evaluation metrics and standards 
  • Generating and sharing new knowledge on best practices and effective policy.
Developing innovative programs, tools and resources 
  • Developing and testing new financial empowerment programs and interventions
  • Creating and disseminating tailored financial curriculum, content, and tools
  • Building and sharing comprehensive program toolkits with evaluation frameworks 
  • Developing online financial tools and calculators for low-income Canadians.
Building the capacity of public, private and non-profit partners 
  • Providing quality training, education and support
  • Developing customized programs, products and services for their clients
  • Providing technical assistance to integrate new interventions into existing services
  • Supporting and animating communities of practice.
Our approach is designed to scale proven financial empowerment approaches sustainably by: 
  • Leveraging existing service systems and resources 
  • Making effective use of behavioural design and technology
  • Offering affordable training and technical assistance 
  • Making program tools and resources freely available 
  • Encouraging supportive public and institutional policies and regulation.