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Prosper Canada



vulnerable Canadians overall improved their financial capability and health


people received one-on-one financial coaching or tax-filing support


in new income accessed via tax filing and benefit help


people accessed financial information tools


RESPs opened for children in low-income families


people participated in financial education

Did You Know?

Canadians are borrowing and carrying more household debt than ever before – an average 167% of our yearly income.
48% of Canadians report living paycheque to paycheque.
46% of Canadians cite increased debt as a consequence of having no savings.
44% of Canadians say they have under $5,000 in emergency savings with 21% having less than $1,000.
49% of Canadians report feelings of stress and lack of financial stability.
The Government of Canada has paid out over $8 billion in Canada Education Savings Grants since 1998.
Youth with savings are 50% more likely to attend post-secondary education.
In 2014, $3.04 billion was withdrawn from the RESPs of 379,120 students to help pay for their post-secondary education.
Parents can get up to $2,000 with the Canada Learning Bond.
71% of jobs will require a post-secondary education.
93% of people with a budget stick to it most of the time.
13.3% of Canadian children are living in poverty.