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Ontario Financial Empowerment Champions project

Ontario Financial Empowerment Champions project 2021-2022  Building on two previous projects from 2015-2021 –Financial Empowerment and Problem Solving and ON Financial Empowerment Champions - the Government of Ontario will provide one-year transitional funding to Prosper Canada to:
  • Continue service delivery in partnership with nine community organizations that service Ontarians living on low income in six municipal service areas through the 2021 tax season
  • Explore and promote viable models for integration of financial empowerment (FE) services into Ontario Works (OW) delivery, and
  • Support transition to locally sustained service delivery models.
The nine local partners include:
  Intended outcomes and benefits are:
  1. 24,000+ individuals access pandemic-safe virtual/hybrid tax-filing, benefit navigation, and financial counselling services.
  2. Three  municipal OW sites explore opportunities to integrate FE services into Ontario Works to advance life stabilization goals; 47 OW offices have access to new or enhanced municipal FE integration tools/resources and staff are directly engaged in broader FE integration and FE delivery capacity building activities.
  3. 16,000+ financially vulnerable individuals take independent action to build their financial health, through Trove, an online, self-directed financial toolkit.
  4. National, provincial and local-level charitable funding organizations engage in sustainability models for a financial empowerment infrastructure in Ontario.
This project is funded by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services