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Daily Bread Food Bank campaign: Fund the benefit

28 February 2024

The Daily Bread Food Bank is calling on all organizations to demand action and send policymakers a message advocating for solutions to end poverty and food insecurity.

The ask:

The budget is going to drop in a few short weeks so please help with a final, urgent push to promote to get as many letters as possible to MPs.

Here are three ways you can promote the campaign:

  1. Share the *new* animated video  
  2. Share the social media graphics on your various platforms (including *new* French social media assets)
  3. Include a call to action in your next newsletter or listserv (sample text can be found here).

Other resources:

Next steps:

  • The Daily Bread Food Bank is going to look at ways to ramp up public pressure for the next few weeks until the budget drops
  • At the same time, they are going to begin to plan for what actions will be taken if the CDB is not fully funded in the upcoming budget. Learn more at The Daily Bread Food Bank.