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Financial wellness and healing: Can building financial wellness help Indigenous communities?

27 January 2023
Author: Anitha Thillainathan
Canada is often celebrated as a multi-cultural land of great opportunities where people from all walks of life are free to express their identities and live comfortably. But the remnants of Canada’s historical practices are apparent among some communities even today. The wounds from colonization and its negative impacts are deeply rooted within Indigenous communities in Canada. Covid-19 has further complicated the situation by widening the economic disparities experienced by vulnerable communities including the Indigenous Peoples. 

Recently ABLE Financial Empowerment, a cross-sector community working to reduce poverty through financial empowerment, examined this issue at their 2021 ABLE fall virtual series. In a session dedicated to building financial wellness within the Indigenous communities, speakers Simon BrascoupĂ©, Helen Bobiwash, Sharon Slippery discussed what needs to be done to close economic disparity gaps. 

This session explored the legacy of colonization, Indigenous social determinants of health, causes of stress, the impacts of COVID-19 on the community as well as what financial wellness means to Indigenous people and many more topics. The aim of the session was to present ways in which healing can be promoted within the community during difficult and challenging times. 

To learn more from community members on how to build a brighter future for Indigenous Peoples view the recorded session.

About ABLE fall virtual series 2021

The ABLE fall virtual series 2021 conference brought together Canadian and international financial empowerment leaders and experts from various sectors who are committed to enabling low-income communities build financial security and health. This series was held virtually and had over 650 online attendees. Both participants and speakers garnered great learning and knowledge through discussions on various financial empowerment areas. 



Anitha Thillainathan is a Senior Officer, Marketing and Communications at Prosper Canada.

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