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Prosper Canada helps Canadians overcome financial barriers to food security

7 April 2021
Author: Wendy Abbott-Serroul
During tax filing season and throughout the year, Prosper Canada helps low-income households receive the benefits they’re entitled to.
For the over 4 million Canadians who face food insecurity, lack of sufficient income is most often the biggest cause. We know that improving low-income households’ access to financial resources can be an efficient and effective way to reduce food insecurity. Many low-income households rely on tax refunds and government benefits as a major source of income. Low- and moderate-income Canadians rely most heavily on this system, with tax credits and other income benefits accounting for 44% and 38.1% of their total incomes respectively on average.



Wendy Abbott-Serroul is the Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at Prosper Canada. She works closely with the entire organization to identify communications needs and supports the efforts to increase awareness and the profile of Prosper Canada.

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