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ABLE 2015 Conference materials

The following presentations and resources were shared at the ABLE Financial Empowerment Conference on November 2-3, 2015 in Toronto. 

Plenary sessions
Breakout sessions - Financial Literacy
Breakout sessions - Financial Empowerment
Breakout sessions - Aligning for Impact
Learning exchange resources
Additional resources

Plenary sessions

  • Setting the Stage: Improving financial wellbeing through financial empowerment
    Adam Fair, ABLE Steering Committee Chair and Director of Programs, Prosper Canada - Presentation, Video
  • Health check: Low income household finances in Canada
    Elizabeth Mulholland, Chief Executive Officer, Prosper Canada - Presentation, Video
  • Why household financial stability matters
    Ray Boshara, U.S. Federal Reserve Center for Household Financial Stability - Presentation, Video
  • Scarcity: Why having too little means so much
    Dr. Eldar Shafir, Princeton University, CIFAR Senior Fellow - Presentation, Video
  • Launch of Financial Literacy Month
    Jane Rooney, Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader - Presentation, Video
  • Financial literacy: Reflections from the TD Financial Literacy Grant Fund
    Elizabeth Mulholland, Prosper Canada - Presentation, Video
  • Aligning for impact panel discussion - Video
    Ian Bird, Community Foundations of Canada
    Althea Arsenault, NB Economic & Social Inclusion Corporation
    Graham Clyne, Peel Children & Youth Initiative
    Jonathan Mintz, Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund
    May Wong, Omega Foundation
  • Springboard to action / Indigenous closing - Video
    Elizabeth Mulholland, Prosper Canada
    Amy Desjarlais, Indigenous Knowledge Keeper & Educator

Breakout sessions - Financial Literacy

  • People living on low income
    Michelle Ackland, The Candora Society - Presentation
    Al Antle, Credit Counselling Service of Newfoundland and Labrador - Presentation
    Carlen Scheyk, Momentum - Presentation
  • Aboriginal peoples
    Meaghan Daly, Forward Visions Games - Presentation
    Nene Kraneveldt, Indigenous Financial Literacy Committee - Presentation
    Dr. Paulette Tremblay, AFOA Canada - Presentation
  • Newcomers to Canada
    Florence Brake, Independent Financial Literacy Facilitator - Presentation
    Tulia Castellanos, Family Services of Greater Vancouver - Presentation
    Brian Smith, Canadian Foundation for Economic Education -  Presentation
  • Youth
    Dominique Leonard, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation - Presentation
    Mark Schuler, Springboard - Presentation
    John Sharpe, Partners for Youth Inc.- Presentation

Breakout sessions - Financial Empowerment

  • One-on-one financial counselling/coaching
    Hélène Menard, EBO Financial Education Centre - Presentation
    Sally Massey Wiebe, Community Financial Counselling Services - Presentation
    Lynne Woolcott, West Neighbourhood House - Presentation
  • Accessing income boosting benefits and tax credits
    Althea Arsenault, NB Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation - Presentation
    Nicole Chambers, Canada Revenue Agency - Presentation
    Tanya Raso, Jane Finch Community and Family Centre - Presentation
  • Safe and affordable financial products and services
    John Stapleton, Open Policy - Presentation
  • Saving and asset building opportunities
    Kaila Basilij, SmartSAVER - Presentation
    Jennifer Bogoch, SEED Winnipeg - Presentation
    Kara Boles, The Winnipeg Boldness Project - Presentation
  • Consumer awareness and protection
    Frank Denton, Ministry of Government & Consumer Services - Presentation
    Courtney Hare, Momentum - Presentation

Breakout sessions - Aligning for Impact

  • Innovation in short term lending products
    Lauren Dobell, Vancity - Presentation
    Brenton Peck, Center for Financial Services Innovation - Presentation
    Carlen Scheyk, Momentum - Presentation
  • The power of collaboration
    Lianna Chondo, City of Edmonton - Presentation
    Salimah Kassam, Manager, United Way Calgary - Presentation
    Tamara Lindsay, Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund - Presentation
    Dr. Barry Rieder, Jane Finch Community Ministry - Presentation
  • Building a shared policy and research agenda
    Jerry Buckland, Menno Simons College - Presentation
    Courtney Hare, Momentum - Presentation
    David Rothwell, McGill University - Presentation
  • Models that scale
    Nicole Chambers, Canada Revenue Agency - Presentation
    Mack Rogers, ABC Life Literacy Canada - Presentation
    Cairine Wilson, CPA Canada - Presentation
  • The funding gap: How do we pay for our work?
    Sarah Marsh, Ward 10 Kitchener - Presentation
    Tracey Robertson, Ontario Trillium Foundation - Presentation
    Troy Tisserand, 4 Pillars Consulting - Presentation  

Additional resources