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The Shared Path: First Nations financial wellness report released

29 November 2019
The Shared Path: First Nations financial wellness defines financial wellness in the context of First Nations Peoples and communities, reviews why it matters, provides a conceptual framework to help clarify the determinants of financial wellness, and identifies barriers, needs, best practices and principles for building the financial wellness of Indigenous individuals, families, and communities together.
The Shared Path, reflects AFOA Canada and Prosper Canada’s vision of First Nations financial wellness as a lifelong journey that we share with others – a journey that involves the interwoven experiences and efforts of families, communities, leaders, and public, private and nonprofit institutions and organizations.
Just as personal and household financial wellness needs evolve and change over the life course, so too must efforts to build financial wellness in First Nations families and communities, and the country as a whole. As we traverse this path together with partners from all sectors, we expect to learn, grow and change through our experiences and the new knowledge, ideas and directions these generate.

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