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SEED Winnipeg supports Indigenous focused Money Management Training

31 May 2021
Submitted by SEED Winnipeg

SEED Winnipeg, in partnership with the Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre and Indigenous Languages of Manitoba Inc., worked together to translate the Money Stories curriculum into Cree, Oji-Cree, and Ojibwe.  Money Stories is a unique, intergenerational money management training program grounded in an Indigenous worldview using a strengths-based community economic development approach. Translating the curriculum will enhance delivery within Indigenous communities and promote Indigenous languages revitalization.   
In April, SEED completed the first train the trainer session to nine First Language Adult Facilitators.  Participants from the training have shared how speaking in their first language and sharing valuable money management skills to their communities is truly an amazing gift.  All nine participants are survivors of day school and residential schools who cherished the opportunity to learn how to deliver the Money Stories curriculum in their first language.  SEED is currently recruiting adult facilitators for the next train the trainer session in June to learn, co-develop, and teach Money Stories in their communities.   
Training additional Indigenous facilitators will help SEED meet the growing demand for Money Stories workshops from Indigenous-led organizations and First Nations communities.  Thank you to the Catherine Donnelly Foundation and Tachane Foundation for your continued support and making our work possible.   
SEED Winnipeg (SEED) has partnered with Financial Counselling Services on Prosper Canada’s national Financial Empowerment Champions (FECs) project.     
SEED Winnipeg is a non-profit community-based organization that envisions a world where opportunities exist for all people and communities to realize their hopes, and strives to build strong communities and increase opportunities for people through financial empowerment programs and services. To learn more about SEED Winnipeg, please visit