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Report: BC people living with disabilities share barriers to benefits access

24 March 2021
Canada has many income benefit programs that many Canadians find difficult to navigate, however benefit application processes for people with disabilities are the most challenging of all.  
In 2020, Prosper Canada embarked on a three-year Access to Benefits for Persons with Disabilities project in partnership with Disability Alliance B.C., the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation, and Plan Institute, with funding from the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program.

Roadblocks and Resilience: Insights from the Access to Benefits for Persons with Disabilities project, provides insights on the barriers people with disabilities in British Columbia face in attempting to access the federal Disability Tax Credit and the B.C. Income Assistance program for people with disabilities.
Our research focused on the federal Disability Tax Credit and the B.C. Disability Assistance program and found that disability benefits are the most challenging benefits of all to access. Applicants are required to obtain formal disability assessments from multiple healthcare professionals and to navigate many application steps and forms – more than are typical for other types of benefits.

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The following journey maps were developed through consultation with 18 researchers and service providers and 16 B.C residents with disabilities. They are designed to support governments and service providers to remove barriers to ensure people with disabilities have smooth access to the benefits they are entitled to.