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Prosperity Gateways – Cities for Financial Empowerment

28 May 2021
Edmonton launches their integrated financial empowerment program
The City of Edmonton (with support from Prosper Canada) launched their integrated financial empowerment program on January 6, 2021. Since then, City of Edmonton social workers have been connecting with residents who live on a low income, helping them navigate difficult financial challenges, and referring people to community agencies who provide in-depth financial knowledge and support. 

Specifically, social workers can help people:

  • Solve financial challenges and create action plans; 
  • Get ready for tax filing and find free tax filing clinics; 
  • Identify and access the right support and services by making informative and supportive referrals; 
  • Access information about benefits, subsidies and supports; and 
  • Access financial programs or benefits that might be available in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 
Social workers are currently supporting people one-on-one through phone and email, with plans to be in-person at specific City locations as soon as in-person services resume.  

Learn more about the City of Edmonton’s Financial Empowerment Program and the Prosperity Gateways initiative