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Online tool helps newcomers meet financial goals

22 January 2016
Canada has become home to approximately 6.8 million immigrants and a total population that includes over 200 ethnic origins! Thanks to funding provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), Prosper Canada has developed the online Money Management Tool for Newcomers to help new Canadians learn about our increasingly complex financial system. The tool provides valuable information and resources to ensure newcomers have the best chance of achieving their financial goals.
The tool can be accessed by newcomers and settlement workers by clicking the respective button on the landing page at The tool for newcomers helps new Canadians assess their knowledge of money management in Canada through an anonymous questionnaire they’re asked to complete. A customized report is generated at the end. The tool for settlement workers helps them guide newcomers through a series of money management questions. At the end, a report is generated with only the information related to the specific needs and priorities of newcomer clients.
Information is up-to-date and comes from credible and unbiased sources vetted by Prosper Canada. Sources include the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, Canada Revenue Agency and the Canadian Consumer Handbook.
If your organization serves newcomers, please consider providing a link to the Money Management Tool for Newcomers on your website and/or sharing broadly throughout your network.
Visit to learn how the tool works.