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Jane Rooney is Canada's First-ever Financial Literacy Leader

15 April 2014
Prosper Canada, formerly Social and Enterprise Development Innovations (SEDI), is delighted with the appointment of Jane Rooney, as Canada’s first-ever Financial Literacy Leader. The announcement solidifies the Federal Government’s commitment to strengthening the financial literacy of all Canadians.

“We look forward to working with Ms. Rooney to develop a national strategy that addresses the distinct needs of low-income and other Canadians,” says Elizabeth Mulholland, CEO, Prosper Canada. “Prosper Canada and other community stakeholders have long underscored the need for targeted strategies to assist vulnerable and low-income groups for whom generic approaches and programs are often not effective. We’re thrilled a leader is now in place to champion financially literacy in Canada.”

The appointment of a financial literacy leader is the top recommendation of the Task Force on Financial Literacy. The Financial Literacy Leader’s mandate will be to collaborate and coordinate activities with stakeholders to contribute to and support initiatives that strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians.