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Invest in yourself: A women's guide to financial resilience

26 January 2023
Women face unique financial challenges compared to men resulting from systemic and societal barriers. The gap widens further for women within marginalized communities. Family status, self-confidence, gender stereotypes, and the way financial concepts are taught and discussed in the home all contribute to the gender gap. The Financial and Consumer Services Commission of New Brunswick (FCNB) are sharing their new guide and on-demand presentation on the topic of female financial resilience in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023. The on-demand presentation can be used to promote financial resilience within a workplace or organization, or within a network of peers.

Financial literacy plays a key role in a person’s ability to build financial resiliency and weather life’s storms. Financial resilience is having the ability to adapt and persevere through unexpected life events – like welcoming a new baby or a sudden illness. The on-demand presentation and guide are designed to educate women about the barriers they face and help them make a plan to take control of their financial future.
The FCNB has also created a free, helpful 2023 calendar containing valuable tips and information on topics like building an emergency savings fund, checking your credit score, investing, and more. Download and print your free calendar.

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Investir dans son avenir : Guide de la résilience financière à l’intention des femmes | Commission des services financiers et des services aux consommateurs (FCNB)
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