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Indigenous money management resource available

20 February 2018
Everyone needs a little help with money from time to time. Setting spending goals, tracking bills and income, and making a budget, are all part of managing your money. These are all important money conversations that happen with frontline staff who work to strengthen financial wellness in their communities. 
The Managing your money booklet – a set of seven worksheets on different financial topics – supports frontline staff and volunteers to have financial conversations with the people they serve. It was created with Indigenous audiences in mind and developed in partnership with AFOA Canada. Featuring artwork by Simon Brascoupé, Vice President of Education and Training at AFOA Canada, each worksheet is paired with a teaching from the animal world. 
As you support Indigenous individuals or families in your community, the complete booklet or individual worksheets may be used as you: 
  • Provide financial education workshops
  • Assist a community member with their monthly budget or to track spending
  • Assist a community member with their income tax return
  • Assist a community member with planning their spending, such as an income tax refund or other new source of income
  • Provide case management to individuals in the community
Think of each worksheet as a specific topic and tool that members of your community can use, depending on their situation. We encourage you to use worksheets on their own or as a complete booklet to help individuals and families with their financial challenges and goals.
Since its launch in November 2017, this resource has been adopted by frontline staff supporting Indigenous individuals and families in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Here’s why people in the field enjoy working with Managing your money:
“At IAAW we integrate indigenous cultural teachings in all of our work. Seeing a booklet that has the cultural pieces to it, and seeing a booklet that is integrating our cultural perspective with the financial pieces is so helpful. The booklet draws you in with the design and cultural appropriateness, and then you realize you’re talking about finances. We’ll be printing out the tools and using the worksheets in our EmpowerU (matched savings) program.”
- Bernadette Swanson, Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women
Printed booklets are available for order from Prosper Canada, at a cost of $135 per box of 50, plus the cost of shipping (varies by location). Order the booklets through our online order form.
You can also make photocopies of individual worksheets to use with community members, or you can download the worksheets from our website at under Financial Literacy Facilitator Resources.