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Growing our team: Welcoming new hires

22 November 2023

Prosper Canada is pleased to announce that our team has recently expanded with the addition of two new hires. We are excited to share our new team members with you.


Kavita Ramkumar 

We are pleased to introduce Kavita who has been appointed to the position of Vice President of Finance and Administration. In this role, Kavita is responsible for all financial functions including overseeing accounting, audit, reporting, compliance, and investment activities. Additionally, Kavita manages the human resources and administrative functions to ensure the seamless operation of our organization.

Bringing over 15 years of finance experience across diverse industries and consultancy services, Kavita is a seasoned professional with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree and a Certified Management Accountant designation. Her journey into the not-for-profit sector began during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic where the changes, adjustments, and unflinching essential services happening around, made her pause and rethink her career and motivation. This is when Kavita found purpose in contributing to a mental health services organization. For Kavita, joining Prosper Canada is a continuation of this new, fulfilling not-for-profit career which allows her to apply her skills to advance the essential work being done.

As a finance professional, Kavita is excited to take on the crucial role of ensuring the financial stability of Prosper Canada and working on the financial empowerment of low-income and vulnerable sections of society, aligning seamlessly with Prosper Canada’s mission.

Looking ahead, Kavita hopes to help the organization update policies and processes, integrate new tools, and build sustainable and robust financial plans to propel Prosper Canada forward. 

Join us in welcoming Kavita to Prosper Canada, where their expertise and dedication will undoubtedly shape our financial success and contribute to the impactful work we do.

Kobie Mercury-Clarke

We are pleased to annouce that Kobie has joined Prosper Canada as a Senior Officer, Information Systems. In his role, Kobie is assisting with evolving the technology implementation and planning for the future of the organization, it’s partners and affiliates. By adhering to the SMART tech philosophy—keeping things Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Responsible, and, of course, Thoughtful Kobie seeks to make a positive impact for the organization. 

After spending 15 years in the private IT sector, he realized he wanted to make a tangible impact where it mattered most. As a people person, the private sector grind didn't align with his values. Prosper Canada felt like the perfect fit for Kobie as the organization’s mission of helping underserved communities is something very close to his heart. Kobie’s excitement to be here at Prosper Canada stems from his upbringing. He grew up dealing with poverty, being a visible minority, and only child raised by a single parent. He has experienced homelessness, with just his clothes and a beat-up bicycle to his name. For Kobie, seeking help from the government proved challenging, and the experience was tough. Once he landed on his feet, he wanted to be part of the solution to these issues. That's what makes working at Prosper Canada so rewarding for him.

As for his aspirations at Prosper Canada, Kobie is bringing his entrepreneurial spirit to the table. He wants to find solutions for current pain points and create more efficient ways to get things done. His dream is to have a meaningful, positive impact within the organization, not only within Prosper Canada itself, but for the partners, affiliates and most importantly, the various groups that we serve, to help them with their daily lives. He hopes to see innovations/solutions he’s come up with being utilised in a manner that makes a positive impact in the communities across Canada that we aid with Financial Empowerment and Government Policy change. 

On a personal front, Kobie had his fair share of ventures, from starting companies since elementary school to diving into car tech. He’s explored everything from custom car audio systems to mountain bike customization. When he’s not immersed in Prosper Canada's initiatives, you'll find him running a photography YouTube channel and producing music in his electronic studio. In essence, the entrepreneurial bug has been with him from the get-go, and now, he’s channeling that energy into making a real difference at Prosper Canada. 

We are excited to have Kobie onboard where his life experiences and entrepreneurial spirit will elevate the work we do here at Prosper Canada.