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Growing our team: Welcoming new hires and celebrating internal promotions

30 March 2023

Prosper Canada is pleased to share that the team has recently expanded through a combination of new hires and internal promotion. 



Galen  MacLusky

Galen joined Prosper Canada as a Manager of Program Delivery and Integration in 2020 after holding multiple leadership roles in service design and community innovation consulting in the private and voluntary sectors. Galen’s passion for ensuring all Canadians living on low incomes have access to high quality financial empowerment supports got him quickly noticed with his peers. His hard work and collaborative nature within Prosper Canada’s on the TEFE team has led him to where he is today, as the Director of Frontline Programs at Prosper Canada. Galen continues to pursue his passion in his new role to help low income Canadians access income-boosting benefits, trusted one-on-one supports and advice. 

Galen holds a Master of Science in Engineering Design and Innovation from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.
New Hires

Gavin Goes

As Prosper Canada plans for the future, it is essential to establish a strong technology foundation that not only provides the internal team with the resources they require but also delivers technology solutions to strategic and community partners. It is with this in mind that we welcome the new Director of Technology, Gavin Goes to our team.

In his new role, Gavin is responsible for evolving the technology strategy for Prosper Canada, its partners, and affiliates. Gavin has always wanted to leave a strong mark on an industry through his work. He believes that he can bring technology innovation to Prosper Canada and create new ways to use innovative technologies to enhance the capabilities of non-profits on their respective missions.

Gavin joined Prosper Canada because of the passion demonstrated by the entire leadership team during the recruitment process and their consistent belief in his skill set and experience. He believes that his broad experience in various industries and his entrepreneurial style align perfectly with the organization's current needs.

Gavin has also found the energy of the people and culture at Prosper Canada to be a differentiating factor. He has worked at several firms with different cultures, but the desire to tie the work to the organization's overall mission, with diversity, equity, and inclusivity at the core, is a culture he can get behind. Gavin is excited that the beneficiaries of his work will be Canadians who may not have had opportunities if it were not for the work of Prosper Canada.

Lisa Rae

Lisa is the newly appointed Director of System Change at Prosper Canada. In this role, she is responsible for advancing policy and advocacy efforts to catalyze "upstream" policy, regulatory, and institutional changes that support people on low incomes in Canada. With fifteen years of experience in public policy, advocacy, stakeholder engagement, and communications, Lisa was drawn to the mission of the organization, the model of working in partnership across the community sector, government, and the private sector, as well as the collaborative, forward-thinking, and human-centered culture.

Lisa is excited to learn from the team at Prosper Canada and connect with partners and networks across the country, including community leaders and frontline service providers, policymakers, and academics. She is also enthusiastic about finding more ways to hear directly from people living with low incomes to inform the work. Lisa believes that connecting and sharing information, perspectives, and opportunities is crucial for mutually reinforcing progressive goals.

Lisa is looking forward to growing the System Change portfolio and its impact. She is confident in the team's expertise in programming and the strong relationships they have built. Lisa is hopeful that they can take real steps to effect policies and system changes that will make a meaningful difference for people living with low incomes.

Prosper Canada would like to congratulate Galen, Gavin and Lisa as they embark on their journey to help support Prosper Canada achieve it's mission and vision overall.