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Future Planning Tool for Persons with Disabilities

3 November 2014
Prosper Canada is excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with Plan Institute on a project to develop an online Future Planning Tool for Persons with Disabilities and their caregivers. Generously funded by Employment and Social Development Canada, the Future Planning Tool is intended to promote the long-term financial security of Canadians with disabilities by helping them and their families make good decisions about money.
“At PLAN and Plan Institute, we understand first-hand the complexity of disability-related future planning,” said Ted Kuntz, Board Chair, PLAN Board, Plan Institute. “We are excited to share 25 years of hard-won planning knowledge and to partner with Prosper Canada and the federal government to develop a Future Planning Tool that will create safe and secure futures for people with disabilities, and give parents peace of mind.”
The tool will be user-friendly, easy to navigate and will help simplify complex planning steps. It will contain a comprehensive library of relevant tools, resources and referral agencies that can help further support individuals to achieve their goals.
“We’re very excited to be partnering with Plan Institute and Employment and Social Development Canada to develop financial planning tools for people with disabilities and their families.” said Elizabeth Mulholland, Chief Executive Officer, Prosper Canada. “With the online tools we develop, we can harness technology to make financial planning and decision-making easier for families, and help them provide a better financial future for their children.”
Prosper Canada recently partnered with PLAN to develop the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) Calculator for persons with disabilities and their families.