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Financial security starts with a plan

21 December 2022
Common Good offers a modern workplace retirement plan designed to help not-for-profit workers save for their future.

As the not-for-profit sector begins to feel the impact of what many are calling the “Great Resignation”, we are doing what we can at Prosper Canada to invest in our team. Studies show that retirement benefits are a key component of employees’ financial well-being, while helping to improve retention and recruiting efforts. That's why we recently joined the Common Good Plan. This plan was created for not-for-profits and is supported by a coalition of philanthropic funders and sector leaders. 

Common Good is a user-friendly, low-fee TFSA/RRSP digital retirement plan that makes it easy for employees to save and grow their savings for the future, with a personalized retirement plan that answers: 
  • How much you’ll need in retirement 
  • How much money to expect from government benefits when you retire 
  • How much to save each month and in which account (RRSP, TFSA or both) 
  • Which age-appropriate fund to invest in that’s tailored for retirement and automatically adjusts risk as you near retirement 
It's easy to set up and manage the plan, and employees get to keep their plan for life. Listen to Katherine Carleton from Orchestras Canada about her experience in this short video

More and more employers are setting up workplace plans to address recruiting and retention challenges and align with financial wellness priorities. Download a free eBook on why a group retirement plan can help your not-for-profit stand out in today’s challenging labour market.