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Bridge to Benefits: A new tool for social service organizations

26 September 2023
Prosper Canada is excited to launch Bridge to Benefits: Implementing benefits access in social service. This new online tool provides social service organizations with information and resources on how to provide access to benefits services to people living on low incomes. 

Organizations play a vital role in providing community members with access to benefits. Tax clinics, homeless shelters, food banks, health centres and others can all do their part to provide these services. 

Helping community members access the benefits they are eligible for can increase their income, improve their financial well-being and quality of life, and improve other life stabilization outcomes such as food security, housing security, and mental health. 

The Bridge to Benefits tool is intended to support organizations who are considering starting, refining or expanding their work in access to benefits services. It contains information and resources on how to provide services for: 

  • Learning about benefits 
  • Applying for benefits 
  • Getting benefits 
  • Maintaining benefits 

It also has information on: 

  • Why benefits matter  
  • Other ways to support clients  
  • Best practices  
  • Related supports 

This tool aligns well with our other access to benefits tools, the Benefits Wayfinder and the Disability Benefits Compass. These two tools provide information for both frontline service providers as well as community members seeking support in accessing benefits. 

The Bridge to Benefits tool differs as its intended audience is managers and organizations seeking to offer or expand their access to benefits services. As a suite, these tools can all play a part in helping people living on low-incomes to access benefits, which can increase household income and help people and families to achieve a better quality of life.  

The Bridge to Benefits tool was developed in both English and French with the help of our partners (ACEF du sud-Ouest de Montreal, Community Financial Counselling Services Winnipeg, E4C Edmonton, Family Services of Greater Vancouver, North York Community House and Thunder Bay Counselling Centre) and with financial support from TD Ready Commitment and Maple Leaf Centre for Food Security

We encourage you to share this tool with organizations seeking to help people living on low incomes to access the benefits they deserve.