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2017 Ontario Budget holds good news for people with low incomes

28 April 2017
Yesterday’s 2017 Ontario Budget contained many good news items for Ontarians with low and modest incomes:
While the government is only modestly increasing social assistance rates (by two per cent), they are significantly increasing limits on cash and other liquid assets, as well as gifts of income, for all social assistance recipients. Recognizing that onerous application processes are particularly challenging for those with low incomes, they are also streamlining income benefit processes for applicants and beneficiaries.   
These changes reflect a broader shift underway to reform Ontario’s income support programs to facilitate entry into the workforce, enable those who cannot work to live in dignity and security, and to shift the emphasis from policing participants to more actively enabling them to pursue self-sufficiency and greater social and economic inclusion.
Relaxed asset limits are designed to further assist households to save and invest in their future, recognizing that savings are both necessary cushions against life’s emergencies, as well as the means to pursue opportunity through training, education, entrepreneurship and home ownership – proven routes out of poverty.
To learn more about these and other initiatives that will benefit or affect Ontarians with low incomes and vulnerable groups, please see our 2017 Ontario Budget Highlights.