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Elizabeth Mulholland
Ext. 2229
Jenni Bolton
Program Officer
Ext. 2241
Marlene Chiarotto
Program Manager
Ext. 2236
Melissa Choi
Office Administrator
Ext. 2100
Casey Cosgrove
Strategic Advisor, Financial Literacy
Ext. 2230
Adam Fair
Director of Programs
Ext. 2240
Janet Flynn
Program Officer
Ext. 2255
Ana Fremont
Program Officer
Ext. 2237
Glenna Harris
Curriculum and Content Writer
Ext. 2227
Trisha Islam
Program Officer
Ext. 2228
Rafael Lesmes Albis
Information Systems Officer
Ext. 2244
Julie McFayden
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Ext. 2231
Natasha McKenna
Program Officer
Ext. 2239
Lorna Morin
Program Officer
Ext. 2251
Caroline Munshaw
Program Officer
Ext. 2246
Conrad Ng
Information Systems Officer
Ext. 2243
Suong Nguyen
Director, Finance & Administration
Ext. 2223
Helen Payne Watt
Program Officer
Ext. 2249
Philippe Raphael
Research and Evaluation Officer
Ext. 2252
Layla Rich
Program Officer
Ext. 2232
Chloe Stanois
Marketing and Communications Officer
Ext. 2234
John Stephenson
Program Officer
Ext. 2233
Ayesha Umme-Jihad
Program Officer
Ext. 2247
Ranjeet Virdi
Accounting Officer
Ext. 2235
May Wong
Manager, Information System
Ext. 2222
Elodie Young
Program Manager
Ext. 2225