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First Nations Financial Wellness Project

The First Nations Financial Wellness Project is a three-year joint initiative of AFOA Canada, Prosper Canada, and our First Nation community partners to develop and pilot programs that support  the financial well-being of First Nation community members in Ontario. Together we will develop and pilot sustainable financial literacy and coaching programs in four First Nations communities in Northern and Southern Ontario, as well as other financial supports identified by the participating communities. In the third year of the project, we’ll use the knowledge, programs and resources we develop to train financial wellness leaders in 12 additional First Nations communities, and make these freely available online for all First Nations communities interested in offering similar programs in their communities.

Project impacts

  • Over 400 community members from participating First Nations will achieve greater financial inclusion and wellness through financial education and coaching
  • At least 20 staff/volunteers from participating communities will be trained and supported to build and deliver financial wellness programs
  • 12 or more additional First Nations communities will receive financial wellness training
  • All First Nations communities will enjoy free online access to financial wellness program designs, tools and resources, tailored and tested for First Nation use
  • Financial wellness solutions will be integrated sustainably into at least three other service systems supporting Ontario First Nations communities
  • A network of trained First Nations financial wellness practitioners will exist and enjoy access to ongoing support and capacity building during and after the project.
This project is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario.