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City of Edmonton

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2018 - 2021   
In November 2018, Prosper Canada partnered with the City of Edmonton (CoE) on the Prosperity Gateways -  Cities for financial empowerment (CFE) initiative which aims to reduce poverty by building financial help into city services used by residents with low incomes. Prosper Canada worked with CoE to:
  • Connect with staff and residents to understand the hopes, needs, opportunities and constraints of the current City system.
  • Identify opportunities to integrate financial empowerment (FE) interventions into two of CoE’s existing services (subsidized transit and recreation programs)
  • Co-design a solution to improve the financial well-being of residents, and  
  • Support the City in implementing the integrated FE solution.
As a result of this work, in January 2021, the City of Edmonton launched a free and confidential Financial Empowerment Program to connect people living on low income with resources and information to help increase their financial security. 
The CoE’s Financial Empowerment Program is delivered by social workers who are available to help answer financial questions and support individuals to:
  • Get ready for tax filing and find free tax filing clinics
  • Learn about government  benefits and supports that could boost people’s incomes
  • Solve financial problems and create action plans
  • Access in-depth support and services provided by community agency experts
  • Talk about financial problems at a comfortable level and speed
Learn more about the City of Edmonton’s Financial Empowerment Program and the Prosperity Gateways initiative.
Prosper Canada’s Prosperity Gateways initiative is supported by the Maytree Foundation, TD Bank Group, and the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program.   
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