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Ontario Financial Empowerment Champions Project

Prosper Canada is partnering with five non-profit/charitable organizations in Ontario to improve the financial well-being of over 50,000 Ontarians living on low incomes. Funded by the Government of Ontario, these five partners will be known as Ontario Financial Empowerment Champions (Ontario FECs) with the aim to expand proven financial empowerment (FE) interventions across the province.
The following organizations are Ontario FECs:

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Through this project the following supports will be delivered to at least 50,000 Ontarians living on low incomes:
  • 14,000 individuals living on low incomes will increase their financial knowledge, skills, and confidence;
  • 7,000 individuals will meet with a financial coach and create a financial action plan;
  • 6,000 children will be enrolled in RESPs and the Canada Learning Bond program;
  • 20,000 individuals will file their taxes;
  • 3,600 applications for government benefits will be submitted;
  • 400 individuals that did not previously have a bank account will open one;
  • 5,000 individuals will set-up direct deposit to their bank account to improve their financial management and reduce banking costs;
If you have any questions about this project, please contact Ana Fremont at or 416-665-2828 ext. 2237 / 1-877-568-1571.

This project builds on the federal government’s investment to expand proven financial empowerment interventions across the country through national Financial Empowerment Champions