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TD helps Prosper Canada with data mapping to improve reporting

2 August 2019

Last year TD launched The Ready Commitment, their new corporate citizenship platform targeting $1 Billion by 2030 in four key areas: 

  • financial security 
  • a more vibrant planet 
  • connected communities; and 
  • better health 
As part of this commitment, TD partnered with key non-profit partners, like Prosper Canada, to leverage business expertise and human capital in support of local communities.  
TD employees from analytics teams across the bank volunteered to provide their time and skills to work on an on-going project with a non-profit, to help solve a question, problem, or explore an idea through the application of data analytics. For the pilot program, they were divided into six groups to work with non-profit organizations. Along with Prosper Canada, TD worked with Historica Canada, TD Summer Reading Club, Indspire, ABC Life Literacy, and En Marge 12-17.  Projects ranged in scope and included objectives such as building strategic planning dashboards, user profiling, usage trend forecasting, and streamlining data organization. Prosper Canada and other selected non-profits were then provided with the opportunity to leverage the best analytics talent in Canada. In return, TD employees developed partnership management skills, operationalized analytics projects, and engaged in “big picture” thinking. 
Prosper Canada’s programs, delivered through partner organizations, assist low income Canadians with things that TD staff do in their day-to-day jobs such as helping people increase savings, reduce debt, build credit scores and invest in their futures. 
Prosper Canada recognized the need to standardize data and improve data quality across projects, so that data could be aggregated and analyzed more easily to compile strong evidence for its advocacy and impact. Unfortunately, limited resources and in-house expertise meant this work was progressing quite slowly. This is where the TD team came in. They created a project plan, tracked meetings and progress through Agile tools such as Confluence and JIRA, met frequently with Prosper Canada to create detailed data flows, and researched database, ETL, metadata management and Dashboard/reporting platforms. 
Elizabeth Mulholland, CEO of Prosper Canada noted, “We have been able to develop, for the first time, a detailed data process map that enables us to identify and address opportunities to streamline and improve our processes. We have made great strides thanks to the TD team’s help and now can chart our way forward with new insights and confidence. Thank you, TD!” 
TD completed work on a high-level data model, prepared recommendations on data flow improvement and data provisioning standard. Additionally, they developed a Data Dashboard (scorecard) Proof of Concept (POC) incorporating visualization tools. 
Adapted from original blog post authored by: Christine Terashita and TD Mindpower Prosper Canada Team